Affordable Independent Living Options for Low Income Seniors

Finding affordable low income housing for Seniors on a fixed income is a problem many of us face. Will any of the ideas in this video work for you or your loved …


18 thoughts on “Affordable Independent Living Options for Low Income Seniors”

  1. Listening to your message because I have a home and we are considering renting it out when we move instead of selling. I live in a nice area in Florida with tree-lined streets and really close to amenities. I know there is a need for good housing for seniors in my area that is affordable. I live in a small community of about 20 homes and 80% of my neighbors are over 50. I would prefer this route because we don't really want to deal with really young people. Saw this
    If you have a house you should stay in it if you can. One of my elderly neighbors rents out her guest bedrooms, but make sure you do a background check on them. Her nephew lives in the garage apartment and he is about 6'5" so nobody is going to mess with her but you make not have your own bodyguard.
    Thanks for the additional information on the problem.

  2. im a man and i been trying to find a 55 and up apartment im 58yo and i feel trapped my landlord likes to rent to nightmare young people and the last group that moved out hacked my computer stolen hundreds of dollars out of my bank account to pay netflix and buy video games. and they sold drugs and when they moved they told the landlord they moved because i put a surveillance camera in my window.

  3. Thank you, I will turn 54 this year and I thank God. In the mean time I have a house note and high property tax in Crook county Illinois and I am researching my housing options for when I turn 55.

  4. Are you 501 c 3 I need to be under someone 501 c 3 to channel money to you to pay for my 501 c 3 bucket benefit organization housing for seniors veterans domestic violence survivors minorities lesbian gay community Portland Oregon. Don't need money business partner wanted and need to be under someone 501 c 3 trying to be legit. Makaveli 503 YouTube check it out thank you for replying Yes Men on the streets need a housing just trying to help. For 30 years

  5. Enjoyed hearing this information and your video. (Thanks for the warning about that high-pitch sound, LOL πŸ™‚
    I take care of my 94-year-old, disabled mother and live in her house. When she no longer is here, I probably will have to sell the house because my brother owns half and I will not be able to afford it anyway.

    I have been doing research for quite awhile now on living options. The mobile home parks here in San Diego county get A LOT of space rent, usually around $1,000 per month. So I am curious where you found a much more affordable mobile home park (and I bet it is NOT in California). Thanks…

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