Assisted Living: 8 Things You Don't Know

You’re going to hear more and more about assisted living facilities in the coming years. Simple facts are more people are needing care as they age. But they …


21 thoughts on “Assisted Living: 8 Things You Don't Know”

  1. Thank you so much!!! I’m about to search for an independent living (perhaps even assisted. Not sure yet) for my mom. She is in another state and I need to bring her to me. How do I find help to get her packed up?

  2. I am trying to help my ex-husband get into assisted living. He only has Social security and two small retirement checks. He has no assets in a very limited savings account will it be possible to get him into assisted living?

  3. A Place for Mom is a wonderful resource for information. They do not push one place or another. You let them know what you are looking for and they'll send you information regardless of the type of facility you are needing.

  4. My cousin he’s same age as me (35). He just got put in an assisted living. When the sun starts to go down it looks like the walking dead. I was creeping TF out man. There’s an old man in there that can suck his own dick ! Man!

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